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We accept debit/credit cards, cash , mobile payments (MPESA) and cheques .
We recommend patients visit the dentist biannually for routine checkups and teeth cleaning (every six months).
Congratulations on your decision to get started with us! During the new patient exam our doctors will do a very thorough exam. We will take X-rays and any necessary photos, and you and your doctor will review these together. Afterwards, our doctors will customize a treatment plan for you.
Yes, Dr.PJ Muriuki is an experienced cosmetic dentist. We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services including E-Max veneers, teeth whitening,
Tooth sensitivity is a common problem. The reason and appropriate treatment depend on several factors. The causes for sensitivity can range from having cavities or cracks in teeth, worn teeth, sinus infections, gum recession, notching of teeth along the gum line, or other issues. Gum recession is a problem that can be caused by gum disease, aggressive tooth brushing, excessive force being applied to the teeth, or normal aging. As the gums recede, the root is exposed, and the tooth may become sensitive. In these cases, treatment can be as simple as using a toothpaste for sensitivity, regular fluoride rinses, or having your dentist apply a desensitizing agent to the root surfaces. Tooth notching can be caused by forces on the teeth, either from poor alignment, clenching or grinding, or a combination. The notches along the gum line can usually be filled in with a tooth-colored filling material, and your dentist has additional options to help prevent recurrence. Tooth sensitivity will not go away by itself, and because of the potential seriousness of the underlying causes, you should see your dentist if you have sensitivity problems.
A loose tooth will not hurt your child? The best thing to do with a loose tooth is to let nature take its course and wait for it to fall out on its own. A loose tooth doesn’t always mean a permanent tooth is coming up.
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